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Rnd 1 – Phillip Island VIC, February 28 – March 1
Rnd 2 - Symmons Plains TAS, April 3 -5
Rnd 3 - Queensland Raceway QLD, May 29 - 31
Rnd 4 - Eastern Creek NSW, August 7 - 9
Rnd 5 - Mallala SA, August 28 - 30
Rnd 6 - Phillip Island VIC, October 15 - 18
Rnd 7 - Winton Raceway VIC, November 12 - 15
2009 ASBK
YRDT Rnd 5 - Mallala SA, August 28 - 30

2008 Formula Extreme
Round 6: 29th-31st August
Symmons Plains Raceway TAS

Dear Dynoverks Racing supporters, friends, family & fellow racers. I am pleased to share with you that DRT had our best weekend’s racing this year to date in Tassie during Round 6 of the ASC’s Formula Xtreme competition.

Racing at a track that you’ve never ridden is always going to provide a steep learning curve, especially considering Dean’s high expectations of his own performance. Unfortunately the logistical challenge of getting over to Symmons Plains before the round prevented a pre-race test at the circuit.

Practice and testing at Winton and Broadford Raceway had given Dean a lot of confidence in the GSXR since the crash at QLD Raceway. The bike was still looking awesome thanks to the custom paint from Rod Churchward which made it’s debut at Round 4/5.

Dean made the trip over on the Spirit of Tasmania with the GSXR in better shape than ever before and took to the track on Thursday practice in search of the race setup that would provide the best package for the weekend. Day 1 of the 4 day event showed that Dean had the pace needed to be competitive at the fast and tight Symmons Plains track. With a few minor changes to the bike’s suspension and gearing DRT were ready for qualifying action on Friday.

Formal Practice Session 1 on Friday was encouraging with Dean posting a best lap of 57.5 seconds, 0.5 seconds outside the 2007 lap record from the FX class (which prior to 2008 allowed production superbike modifications & full race slicks). His time was the 5th fastest for the session.

The pace picked up in Session 2 and Dean identified a handfull of areas where the bike’s gearing was holding him back. Fortunately DRT had cross entered into the Superbike Class which provided extra testing & tuning time on the track. We’d like to thank Jake from Bitch’n Bitumen for the use of his mint condition K8 GSXR rims – they were a big help to our tyre management program.

DRT used the Superbike practice to trial a couple of alternative gearing changes which immediately paid off during Qualifying on Saturday morning.

Qualifying 1 was Dean’s best result for the year, posting a 56.9 to take P4 and be on the front row for the first time this season. Qualifying 2 was significantly slower for almost the whole field due to a strong headwind.

Unfortunatley for DRT, and with much credit to Yarrive Konsky, he was able to post a hot lap in the dying seconds of Q2 and in the process take P4. Dean was to start from the familiar first place on Row 2 (P5) – which would provide a good opportunity to move forward during the weekend’s racing.

On Saturday afternoon we welcomed a troop of 9 Oughtreds to the track, Extreme Reece was a keen supporter on the hill. Race 1 saw Dean get off to a good start amidst the congestion of the front runners.  A three way battle with Ben Henry and Tim Cowie persisted throughout the race with Dean edging out both rivals to take 4th place, a solid start to the weekend’s proceedings.

Sunday morning put the Team’s metle to the test as we drove to the track in wet and windy conditions. The decision was made to change the GSXR’s entire setup to a wet configuration before the morning warm up. Dean had been looking forward to a wet race all year and his excitement was evident, however by mid-morning the track was almost completely dry. We had a small window of time to reverse the changes from earlier that morning and revert to our dry setup.

Race 2 kicked off with a cleaner start than it’s predecessor on Saturday. Ben Henry made it through the battle to find some clear track and take 3rd place while Dean again took 4th having held off Michael Dibb and Tim Cowie for several laps.
It was clear to Dean that a change to the front end was required as he was unable to run into Turn 6 as fast as some of his competitors. Krooztune to the rescue – Dave Krooz was on hand to help with the change which aimed to stiffen the front slightly, providing more braking ability. Time would tell if this was a good decision but we didn’t have to wait long.

Race 3 on Sunday afternoon was certainly full of adrenalin for everyone. Again off to a good start Dean was in 5th position for the first 5 laps but it was clear that the new package was providing him with something extra following the change, consistently laying down low 57 second lap times. On Lap 6 Dean passed team mate Chas Hern and moved into 4th place.

The track opened up for Dean at this point and he posted a 57 flat on Lap 7 quickly gaining ground on Yarrive Konsky in 3rd position. Lap 8 was arguably Dean’s best lap of the season posting a blistering 56.8 to chase down Tim Cowie in second place.

As the front runners entered the hairpin on Lap 9 Tim ran wide and Dean moved into second place with Brayden Carr and First position in clear sight. The overtaking manouver resulted in Dean running wider than usual on the exit to the turn. With the desire to take his maiden victory at the National level Dean attempted to drive out of the turn as he had done successfully throughout the weekend.

Tragically on this occasion the result was not a success and before spectators had time to realise what was happening the rear end of #88 was pushing the bike in a 90° angle to the direction of the track. The rear suspension quickly unloaded and edjected Dean some 3 metres vertically into the air. Dean landed in front of the bike which blocked him from the rest of the field. Click here for the video

Unfortunately he sustained terrible injuries when his fall was broken by the impact of both hands on the racetrack’s asphalt surface. Dean was quickly removed from the track by the excellent team from Race Safe before being taken to Launceston Hospital via ambulance. The race was later red-flagged when Tim Cowie tangled up with Chas Hern at Turn 6.

X-Rays at Launceston Hospital showed that Dean had broken a number of bones in both wrists and required surgery. While wearing the fashionable pink hard neck collar Dean told me that the bike felt the best it had all year, and that he was disapointed to have suffered another highside during the race, ultimately ending DRT’s 2008 season.

On Thursday Dean saw the specialist who will perform surgery on both wrists next week. Since the incident on Sunday last weekend Dean has had time to consider what is important to him post the crash. In conjunction with consultation with wife Melissa and his extended family – this press release brings with it the sad news of Dean’s decision to retire from Road Racing for the immediate future

Having given all energy possible to the competition this year it is fitting that Dean and DRT’s efforts concluded while he was on a charge, and clearly showing his capability as a competitive racer.

Throughout the year Dynoverks Racing Team’s #88 GSXR has been one of, if not the fastest bike in the FX Class – evident through multiple top speed trap results. Dean will never be far from the Racing Scene and is now determined to further develop Dynoverk’s race tuning and general performance services to help Dynoverks customers and racers long into the future.
As this will be our last official press release we’d like to acknowledge the many people who have helped make this season possible –

  • Peter Lynch, Jason and Julie from Dynoverks, thanks for your support and patience!
  • Rod Churchward from Pro-Coat / RC Racing, too much to thank you for here Rod.
  • Shane and the team from Oleon we love your products and seeing you trackside.
  • Dave & Marty from Krooztune, thanks for your expertise and support throughout the year.
  • Jake from Bitch’n Bitumen
  • Aaron from Symes Accident Repairs
  • Keith Muir Photography
  • Mick Hone Motorcycles
  • Greg, Scotty & Cam at MCS
  • Dave & Marty from Cykel
  • Matt Finch & Crew at Birdman
  • Dean from Hell Performance
  • Doug & Sean from GAS Imports
  • Ian from TW Performance
  • Jay & Mark from ASX & Ozyknobs
  • Mark Alexander at Mtronic
  • Tiger & JT at Monza Imports
  • The DRT Crew: Rod, Rocket, Daryle, Big Dave, Jake & TJ
  • Peter from Screens for Bikes
  • Fran & Pat from Raceglass

Dean finds it ironic that #88 sustained cosmetic damage and he has to rely on wife Melissa for the most basic of human functions! However the DRT GSXR will be restored to it’s previous bullet like glory over the coming weeks. Judging by how many people have called asking if the bike is for sale we expect the future of the bike will be in a new racer’s hands at some point in the near future.

Best Regards,
Dynoverks Racing Team

Chris Hutchins-Sach
Team Manager – Dynoverks Racing