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  Weekend Warriors "Wombat State Forrest" Map now available
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  Power Failure Wednesday 19th August 09

There was an interruption to the power supply at Dynoverks from 12.30pm. Power was not restored until about 7.30pm during which time our telephone service etc., was unavailable.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Dynoverks will close from 5:30pm on Thursday 9th April
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  RACE REPORT: YRDT Round 1 of the ASBK series @ Phillip Island, 27 Feb – 01 Mar

Following several months of testing & preparation the YRDT crew were pumped to be joining the World Superbike spectacle at Phillip Island over the final weekend in February.

Friday was a day of extremes for the ASBK Supersport class with an 8.30AM practice and a 5PM qualifying session. The 8 hours in between gave us plenty of time to admire our fantastic new Sharp Racing Accessories equipment, specially designed for racing applications. There was no way in the world we could have squeezed all of our stuff into the 3x3m bay without the use of a Sharp tyre warmer rack & work bench – thanks Murray for your support. We were later to find out why the Sharp SP-R range of paddock stands are the weapon of choice for race mechanics the world over – no really they are THAT good!

With the threat of bushfires around his home head mechanic Dean Oughtred was forced to sit out Friday’s festivities and take up a post on his roof with a garden hose. Fortunately for the Oughtred clan the fire threat passed and the castle remained intact! The human ratchet Rob Hill (“Hilly”) was left to carry the burden of two men during the day and made it look easier than it was.

By the time qualifying came around Christan had a fair idea of what he needed to do to get on the front two rows, but some minor handling issues with the bike were preventing a fast drive out of Turn 12 and through Southern Loop. Christan qualified in 9th position of the 30 starters and found himself starting from P1 on Row 3 for the weekends racing.

Following a dash up the highway to collect Dean we finalised our race plan for the weekend with a view to testing a couple of different setups under race conditions to help determine our future direction. Race 1 on Saturday commenced around lunchtime & with a few minor setup changes Christan managed to pilot the R6 through the 8 laps, bringing the beast home in 7th place. The final laps of the race saw some competitive race craft between Christan and fellow Reece Bancell Memorial Scholarship recipient Cameron Keevers.

With a short break for a debrief and a gourmet chicken wrap courtesy of the lovely ladies from YRT’s Catering Team Deano & Hilly went to work in Jekyll & Hyde style to effect the planned changes to YRDT’s number 1 bike. Not content with 7th place it was clear by looking at Christan that a new level of red mist was descending on the young man from Ballarat and that the second race of the weekend, which was also the first points race for the ASBK Supersport series, would be something for bike 16 supporters to remember.

The red light went out around 5PM on Saturday and yours truly was starting to resemble a father in a waiting room. In fact Hilly was having more fun watching me pace between the YRDT lap board and a nearby computime screen than he was watching the actual race! It soon became evident that the strategy would pay off with Christan finding more than 1 second a lap improvement on the previous race pace. An engrossing battle ensued between fellow R6 pilot Scott Charlton and Suzuki rider Troy Herfoss. Chartlon receives an honorary YRDT “you’ve got b@#*s of steel” award for racing with a badly damaged right hand following an incident during qualifying. Having said that Christan chalked up the first points of the season in what is sure to become a great & friendly rivalry when he crossed the line in 5th place – equalling his career best result.

The 5th place was an awesome start to the points scoring effort for 2009 but Christan quickly reported some difficulty in launching the R6 off the line. YRDT’s gun mechanics stayed back on Saturday night to change the clutch in readiness for what was honestly a ridiculously scheduled race at 8AM the next morning.

With a few of Christan’s close supporters sharing their company with the team on Saturday night there was certainly a very positive buzz about what is to come in 2009. Christan also fielded several phone calls from supporters unable to make the round before calling it an early night to “visualise an attack” for the following morning. For the rest of the gang the evening’s excitement continued with a Jet Li kung fu movie.

Sunday morning was a rude awakening for all of us. The early start must have been the reason why Christan spent some extra time “meditating” before his morning coffee. The weather conditions were equally as confusing with a sort of rainy-dreary ambiance waiting for us at the track.

So Race 3 kicked off with dry tyres on a patchy track and with the new clutch fitted Christan was hoping to be up with the front runners. It seems the tea leaves weren’t going to have the race pan out that way though and a combination of low RPM on Christan’s behalf as well as a jump start from a competitor resulted in an 8 second deficit after 3 laps.

Having passed a couple of riders on Lap 3 Christan set his focus on catching 7th placed Jamie Stauffer but was unable to do so with the time available, finishing in 8th place to take 7th overall for the first round of the ASBK Supersport Series.

YRDT are very happy with this solid start to 2009 and are looking forward to improving more throughout the year. The next round see’s the team travel across the Tasman to Symmons Plains Raceway on 3-5 April.

We’d like to thank everyone for their support in helping us complete Round 1 including, Agmek, Dynoverks, YRD, YRT, Jake @ Roost Industries, Link International, Monza Imports, Frank Pons, Ian Irving, Rob Hill, Andrew Hallam, and of course the YRT ladies who are definitely the best caterers in the paddock!

Click here to view the official press release from Round 1.

Best regards,


ASBK Supersport Top 10 following Round 1:

1. Judd Greedy – 45 points
1. Bryan Staring - equal 45 points
3. Ben Attard – 35
4. Jamie Stauffer – 33
5. Troy Herfoss – 32
6. Scott Charlton – 30
7. Christan Casella – 29
8. Cameron Keevers – 28
9. Dustin Goldsmith – 21
10. Jake Horne – 21


  Christmas Holidays
Dynoverks will close for the Christmas break at 12:30pm on Tuesday 23rd December and reopen at 8:30am on Monday the 5th January 2009
We wish everyone a very happy and safe festive season.

  Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2008
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  Round 2 of the Victorian State Titles were held at Winton Vic on the 3rd and 4th May. DRT were on the pace during Friday practice circulating the tough Winton track on the 1.27/1.28's
DRT took the successful practice setup into qualifying on Sunday morning and were pleased to be back on the front row, a terrific result on the Formula Extreme Control Tyres while most of the field were on slicks and other modofications not allowed in the FX Cup
For more information click on DRT racing

  Racing at Mallala in SA saw DRT improve its position in the Formula Extreme standings from 8th to 5th place overall Dean was fast during practice and felt comfortable on the big Mick Hone Suzuki qualifying on the third row of the grid
For a full report click on DRT racing on the home page


Bridgestone BT015 (Dual Compound)
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The Victorian State Titles kicked off over the weekend with Round 1 at the State Motorcycle Complex at Broadford. Racing provided everyone in attendance with plenty of entertainment, however an incident during practice on Friday the 8th February left the racing line through Turn 1 covered in cement dust.
DRT’s new K8GSXR 1000 was out in race colours for the first time, we hope you like it!

The Superbike Class was hotly contested and provided some serious action for fans all around the track. Dean finished in 2nd place overall, taking two thirds and a first place in the three title races. DRT wishes Gerrard Farrelly a quick recovery after his crash in Race 2 resulted in a broken collarbone, a green stick and a trip in the Ambulance.
The Harvey Wiltshire 25 lap endurance race was probably the most memorable of the weekend. Starting from 4th on the grid Dean was in 2nd place at Turn 1 and stayed close to eventual winner Chris Sali for the opening six laps. Unfortunately it became much harder for Dean to add his name to the prestigious trophy after being run off the track by a slow rider on Lap 7, moving from 2nd to 5th place with a 9 second time deficit. Undeterred by his misfortune Dean held the gas on as long as he could for the remainder of the race, posting the fasted lap of the weekend and running consistent 59’s eventually taking 2nd position on the last lap and finishing runner up by only 1.5 seconds.
At the trophy presentation Dean thanked his family and all of DRT’s sponsors for their support and assistance over the weekend. Once again we wish to thank Chas Hern for his assistance in the pits on Sunday morning, and extend our gratitude to Dunlop for providing outstanding grip during the Harvey 25 lap race.
Dean was disappointed not to have finished 1st place outright on the weekend but is confident he can overcome this at the second round at Winton Raceway in May. Similarly he was by far the fastest rider in the Harvey Wiltshire Endurance Race, and would have secured the trophy if not for the incident on Lap 7 which caused him to run off at Pit Corner and resume the race in 5th position.
This weekend we are off to Sydney to perform testing at Eastern Creek in readiness for ASC Round 1 in March. Keep you posted! Standings after Round 1 of the Victorian State Titles:
Round 1 Round 1 Round 1
Pos No Name Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Total
1 64 Chris SALI (VIC) 20 20 25 65
2 88 Dean OUGHTRED (VIC) 18 25 18 61
3 80 Glenn TAYLOR (VIC) 17 18 17 52
4 86 Jay NORMOYLE (VIC) 15 15 20 50
5 25 Ryan TAYLOR (VIC) 14 16 16 46

Best Regards,
Dynoverks Racing Team

Chris Hutchins-Sach
Team Manager – Dynoverks Racing


  Hot 2008 summer deals on front and rear new tyres fitted. All the popular brands available at these special prices
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After several years of assisting State and National Racers compete, Dynoverks Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of the Dynoverks Racing Team (DRT), to compete in the Australian Superbike Competition’s 2008 Formula Extreme Series.
DRT will be spearhead by Dynoverks very own gun racer and Workshop Manager Dean Oughtred. Dean has been a very competitive racer at State level and is looking forward to competing aboard some of the latest and greatest technology available, a 2008 (K8) Suzuki GSXR 1000, pictured below at Phillip Island’s Siberia on the 18th January.

The dyno has provided some great news early, with the #88 K8 GSXR punching out a massive 161bhp STOCK on it’s first power run, later making 169bhp with a 4-2-1 Yoshi slip on and Power Commander!
DRT’s first test was held at Phillip Island on Friday 18th, followed by two days in the rain at Broadford on Saturday and Sunday. Dean was pleased to have found a great wet setup for Broadford, posting some impressive lap times in the process. We wish to thank Chas Hern for sharing his wets on Saturday.
The ASC Formula Extreme Series kicks off on the 14th of March at Eastern Creek Raceway, NSW and we are in the process of securing partners for the 2008 season.
DRT’s first race meet will be at the Victorian State Titles at Broadford on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of February. So come along, support the team and watch Dean carve it up on the K8.

Best Regards,
Dynoverks Racing Team

Chris Hutchins-Sach
Team Manager – Dynoverks Racing


  Dynoverks Xmas Trading Hours

Dynoverks will close at 5pm on Friday 21st December 2007 and open again at 8.30am on Monday 7th January 2008

From all at Dynoverks, our sincere thanks for your support and loyalty during 2007 and wishing you a very happy and safe festive season.

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On the latest generation of fuel injected engine management systems, correct diagnosis of the complete system is no longer an option, it’s a requirement.
We can now offer a testing and service programme where the injectors fuel distribution, fuel droplet formation, fuel atomisation and fuel delivery, are all visually and physically checked and tested.
The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned and the rubber sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets replaced, before re-testing, ensuring all the injectors are performing as a matched, balanced set.
Each set of injectors serviced receives a complete and comprehensive injector service diagnostic report.

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  Big O in June Rapid Bike
Check out some of our custom work in Rapid Bikes June 07 issue.

The lovely ZX6 had a bit of work done to her after she was taken down the road and the insurers wrote her off. See what can be done with a little imagination + not too much opening of the wallet. The key is to buy a bargain!

A Special thanks to Aus Street Fighter for sourcing the headlight surround for us?


  Dynoverks help Gobert out in Tassy
The Go show in Tassy with his new TiForce exhausts......nice. Showing the other greenies which way to go!

Dynoverks have been helping Anthony out for just prior to the Tassy Round. On friday he qualified 4th fastest in the wet. On Saturday he was 6th fastest. On Sunday he had a good start and was in teh top five until the brakes started to play up.

Since Adelaide the bike has the new Ti Force Exhausts, a new custom map, a new engine, front a rear suspension and a lot of TLC from the Dynoverks lads.

With four weeks untill the next double header round in Qld we hope to imrove on these results further.


  Broadford Pics are here!
Come and take a look at broadford ride day pics. Limited riders call first or just come in for a chat and look see! PHONE 9887 1655

Picture on the Right : Vicko !


  Krusty 'stable' after massive crash during testing

DVS Honda star rider Adam ‘Krusty’ Fergusson is in a stable condition in the Launceston General Hospital after a very nasty crash during testing at Symmons Plains,Tasmania yesterday. The 2004 dual Australian Champion suffered multiple fractures across his body and lost consciousness for a short time after the crash and is out for the remainder of the season. He is scheduled to have his first surgery this afternoon to plate both legs. Further surgeries are expected.

More details will be released as they are confirmed.

The entire team at DVS Honda wish him a full and speedy recovery and would like to thank the track staff and in particular the other teams and riders for their support and assistance at the trackside.


Dynoverks staff would also like to wish Krusty the best for his speedy recovery!

If any one would like to pass on their well wishes, feel free to email and we will make sure that Krusty receives them.


A fun day had by all!

More pictures will be available to order from Dynoverks.
Tex is preparing an order book so pop in and take a look really soon!

Check out a few more pic in the wall of fame section on this site under "Other".



BITCH’N BITUMEN is a book written by Jake Haddad (author & producer of the successful ‘Weekend Warriors’ off road guide book series) and Colin Thomas. It represents what the average motorcyclist/car enthusiast has been looking for in a ‘tarmac road’ based Australian road touring book.

• 34 professionally designed maps of Tasmania, Victoria, ACT, NSW, and Queensland covering suggested day, overnight and multiple day rides with comprehensive reviews, stats and pictures.
• Extensive video downloads of selected roads via our website…. (still under construction but will be ready for book release).
• Comprehensive GPS support and downloads via our website.
• Special Features including a huge 5 Day Tour of Tasmania and 6 day tour of Northern NSW.
• Information on planning your ride/drive and correct riding apparel.
• Facts on legal requirements concerning license and registration.
• Information on setting up your bike with loads of mods and maintenance tips.
• Information on safety, rider responsibility and etiquette.
• Information on car touring and organized cruises.

Author/Contributor: Haddad, Jake; Thomas, Colin
Date of Publication:.27 April 2007

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  Expectations of a return to the front at the fourth round of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship this weekend went unfulfilled with a frustrating series of events that held the team back.

Adam 'Krusty' Fergusson
'We struggled during qualifying with a bad tyre choice that gave us no advantage over the race tyres. Essentially we gained a tenth of a second over the race tyres instead of a full second which left us back in 10th place on the grid.'

Race one saw Krusty make a good start, something the DVS Honda rider has been working on recently and within a couple of laps was into 5th place when the wheel weights were thrown from the front wheel. The resulting vibration saw the Oleon Fireblade take an off road excursion…

'I'd just gone past Gilesy when the front end went a bit nuts and then when I braked for the next corner I knew straight away that I had a problem. There was no way we were going to get around that corner so I had to stand it up and take to the grass. By the time I rejoined I was back to last place and pushed as hard as I could with the vibration to work my way back up to 10th position.'

The bike suffered some damage from the wheel weight as it was flung off hard enough to smash through the fairing and put a small dent in the frame!

Race two saw another good start, and the number 74 DVS Honda was again on the move forward early.

'I'd got off the line well again and was working my way forward at the start of the race, but wasn't able to hold the pace from mid distance and ended up drifting further back from the leaders.'

To read more go to


  Gutsy weekend for DVS Honda
Press Release - March 26th 2007

Team DVS Honda’s Adam 'Krusty' Fergusson put in a gritty performance this weekend at the combined 2nd and 3rd round of the YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship held at Winton. The weekend’s racing was the first of two combined rounds in 2007, the second being Queensland raceway later in the year.

Despite not coming out of the round with the results they were looking for, the team took a lot out of the weekend and remains un-phased in their attack on the championship.

To keep reading go to


  Channel NINE Speed Machine Schedule YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship programming is as follows;

All Speed Machine shows start at 12.00pm.

Rnd 1. - Saturday 10th March
Rnd 2. – Saturday 28th April
Rnd 3. – Saturday 5th May
Rnd 4. – Saturday 26th May
Rnd 5. – Saturday 9th June
Rnd 6. – Saturday 7th July
Rnd 7. – Saturday 14th July
Rnd 8. – Saturday 25th August

Watch out for #74 Krusty


  Press release From DVS Honda - February 23 2007

Top 4 superbike ARRC riders all powered by Akrapovic

In what is without doubt the most competitive season in the history of Australian Superbike racing, this year’s YMF Loan Australian Superbike Championship kicked off with some fantastic racing at Eastern creek earlier this month. After the long summer break we were finally able to see how the field stacked up against each other – with new teams, new riders, returned riders, defending champions – everyone out there battling for the top spot; Each team looking for an edge.

At the end of the weekend when all the dust settled, Yamaha Racing Team rider and defending champ Jamie Stauffer was left standing on top from his team mate and brother in arms Dan, followed by Glenn Allerton and Adam "Krusty" Fergusson both on Hondas – Adam making the debut for team DVS Honda.

End Press release. For complete release go


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